Farming and Evangelism/Wm. T. Lambert, Jr.

Farming and Evangelism

by Bud Lambert (William T., Jr.)

Farming is a process, not just an event. Part of that process is preparing the soil. Successful farmers know that preparing the soil is a prerequisite to reaping a healthy harvest. Good farming requires fertilizing, etc., and then planting the seed. Seed planted in unprepared soil will very likely be choked out and die.

Evangelism is also a process, not just an event. There’s more to evangelism than planting the Seed (the Word of God). Successful evangelism involves preparing the soil as well as planting the Seed. The evangelist prepares his soil, the hearts of man, by working to rid the heart of “moral filth and evil” ( James 1:21). These interfere with the reception and growth of the Seed.

The tool used for cleaning evil from a person’s heart is “GOOD.” Paul says, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” ( Romans 12:21). Jesus says, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” ( Matthew 5:16). When we as Christians do good to one who is not a Christian, we are evangelizing, because we are preparing their heart to receive God’s Word.

We can try to force the Word of God into peoples hearts. But usually people who have the Word forced on them and who are intimidated into being baptized, because their heart is not prepared, only lasts a short while before the evil chokes out the Seed, and they die spiritually. As evangelists let’s make sure we do our best to plant the Word of God into hearts which are prepared to receive it. When we find a heart unprepared, let’s be patient and take the time necessary to prepare it by taking advantage of every opportunity to do good unto that person.

William T. Lambert, Jr., MCC, MS, LMFT,LPC, MAC, AAMFT Clinical Member
Marriage and Family Therapist, Mental Healthcare Provider, and Christian Minister
Alexandria, TN
May 8, 2008

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