Honoring God/Wm. T. Lambert, Jr.

by Bud Lambert (William T., Jr.)

Children should show their parents honor and respect ( Ephesians 6:1). My parents taught me several ways to show them honor and respect. One way was by answering “yes sir” and “no sir” and “yes mam” and “no mam.” I still show them honor and respect this way. I’m also teaching my children to do the same.

God expects His children to show Him honor and respect, too! In Malachi 1:6-14, He strongly rebuked His children, the Jewish priests, for not showing Him proper honor and respect in their service to Him. One way they were dishonoring Him was by taking blind, injured, crippled, or diseased animals and offering them as sacrifices, instead of offering the pure and the best they had. Instead of giving Him their best, they gave their worst.

Honored guests receive the best food. Dogs receive the scraps. Let’s not dishonor our heavenly Father, like the Jewish priests did, by treating Him like a little puppy dog, giving Him the scraps of our lives. No matter what we do in service to God, let’s do it the best we can.


1) List five specific areas of your life in which you serve God.
2) In each of the five areas, write down one way you think you can do a better job of serving.
Ask two different people, people you trust and respect, to tell you at least one way you can improve your service to God in each of your listed areas.
4) Try your best to make an improvement this week.

William T. Lambert, Jr., MCC, MS, LMFT,LPC, MAC, AAMFT Clinical Member
Marriage and Family Therapist, Mental Healthcare Provider, and Christian Minister
Alexandria, TN
August 15, 2004

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