Step # 02: Be a Bible reader.

Step 2:  Read.  Read.  Read. You must be a Bible reader before you can be a Bible scholar.  Through extensive general reading of the Old Testament and New Testament, you can build biblical perception of God and His purpose, Christ and His mission, and Christianity and its function.  Cumulative reading of the Bible regularly and extensively creates the knowledge that will enable you to screen interpretations and applications of specific teachings to see if they are in harmony with or contradict the biblical view of God.

You should read the book you wish to study several times before you seek to do deeper study.  Read it as many times as possible at one siting.  This exercise will help you to see threads of thought that run through the book.  It will make key words and ideas stand out.  Through repeated reading the book will get hold of the mind.  It will make each following step far more meaningful and easier.  G. Campbell Morgan’s publisher said he would read a biblical book fifty times before he wrote an analysis or interpretative exposition of it.

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